Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday Took a Time Machine

I was going through the vaults and found this one. There are tons more where this came from...this one kinda sounds like an ancient incan somehow found a time machine (maybe there was a time machine dealer in machu pichu) and took his pan flute to the future.

Yesterday's Gone (Original 'Tomorrowland' Demo)

-Kenny Bloggins

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Zest said...

You guys were playing on the stereo at QBar in Beijing on Saturday night. My friends and I were totally stoked!!! I took a video with my cell phone


This lady is selling FAKE TICKETS to your Beijing concert. Are you guys coming to Beijing? I saw her ad on Craigslist selling your tickets for Y500 and I was so excited but then there's no shows on myspace...? I told people in Beijing that this woman was using Walter Meego's name to SCAM people hopefully nobody will get duped