Thursday, March 11, 2010


hey here are some demos of songs. album-ing all this month. can't wait to show everyone.

Magic Eye (Acoustic)

Ghosts In Love (Acoustic)



VictorPlaysWithFire said...

What exactly does "albuming" mean and how does it mean about me getting a new Walter Meego cd?

oh snap said...

Going Folk!

Walter Meego said...

we're mixing now. alboom!

-kenny bloggins

enemy said...

Hi! I'm Denis from Moscow, Russia. Just want to say thanks for your great music! And ask about 2 of your songs, I've heard in inline video: "Do a dance" and "You are my destiny". I've tryed to find them separately from it, but had no result((
Can you tell me what's the destiny of this two wonderful songs? :)

Walter Meego said...

those are really really old! i don't even think we have copies of those songs anymore. i'm sure they'll show up on albums to come though. in the meantime, our second album is mixed. just gotta get it mastered now.