Saturday, July 3, 2010


hey here's a song i just made up. it's called "make me over". in the internet era, i feel like there's no point in holding on to keeping an idea in a "vault" or something...although there are soooooo many ideas in the vault so to speak. anyway, here's a song:

Make Me Over (rough demo)

it's not a polished version or anything. and it's not on the album coming up. can't wait to show you guys that. it's been a long time coming...ellipsis, ellipsis,, dot, dot...period.



VictorPlaysWithFire said...

Love it!

leoisforlions said...

Looove this! You must make it downloadable!!

oh snap said...

booya and hasah's all around for the new album. Can't wait

Neva said...

Sounds pretty good as it is so Im sure the finished version will be amazing. :) Yay